At Veterans Forever Soldiers, every day is Veterans Day. Today, take a moment; close your eyes and take a deep breath; hug a loved one; walk in the park. Today, take a moment and enjoy knowing you are free. Today, say “THANK YOU” to a veteran.

Our Vets toDay Act

Many have asked “How do I say thanks?” Vets toDay Act encourages you make a donation and help to deliver direct services and programs to veterans. Link it, don’t out-think it! Get Involved! Your support will make a difference.

Send a Tribute to a Veteran

You can honor a veteran by sending a tribute to a loved one who served in the United States Armed Forces. Email your tribute to and it will be posted on this page. Veterans and family or friends of veterans can share their story and become a Featured Vet.

The VFS Video Project

Veterans tell their stories! Here we feature first hand experiences of veterans who are experiencing crisis. Oh, but it won’t be just lights, camera, press record. Veterans and families will embark on a wholistic-based wellness journey as they tell their stories and transform their lives! Veterans engage in healing exercises that lift the spirit and invite well-being for self and family.

Community Awareness and Engagement

Events, information dissemination, group discussions, newsletters, online radio/television interviews, and networking, are ways in which we encourage and motivate communities to take action and bring about change in the lives of veterans.

Become a Featured Vet

Are you, or someone you know, a veteran of the U.S. Military who would like to be featured here? Send us your story, including: assignments, current position, personal reflections, community involvement and a photograph. Email to Requests are subject to approval by Veterans Forever Soldiers.